Arika KOKO Santos


Born in Hollywood, CA 1980


2012 BA Studio Art & Theatre (TYA)

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI


2016 Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Certified Reflexologist

Red Rocks Holistic Health Program, Arvada, CO

2017 Reiki Master Certification

2021 Rock Center 501c Board of Directors


​Born in the City of Angels, this Angelino began her artistic journey rooted in graffiti and urban art.  In her life, she has overcome many struggles and challenges and continues to triumph through like the phoenix that rises from the ashes. After a decade of living in Hawaii connecting with her Native Hawaiian ancestry she returned to the mainland in 2013, with the essence of Pele, The Fire Goddess, and resides in Denver, Colorado, where she is raising her teenage daughter, Littlewing. Colorado is where she studied Holistic Health and is now certified as a Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Holistic Health Practitioner.  She now intertwines holistic healing and art within her community and is an Art Healer. 


Koko is an artist of many mediums including murals, painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry design, live installation, dance, poetry, fashion/costume design, and is currently working on a new D.I.Y. clothing line and publishing her first book of poetry. She loves to travel and share her art through cultural festivals and in galleries.  Her favorite way to share her art is through her work as an arts educator. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she serves low income, at risk youth and communities of color as an independent contractor working with non-profits and public schools.  Koko is an artist that is passionate about her work and is a community activist with an emphasis on empowering the youth through the arts.

Her ultimate goal is to open a sustainable community center in an urban environment with a direct link to a holistic health retreat center based in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.  Koko is a visionary artist with ambition and goals to heal the world through art and wellness.

"Art is a powerful tool that can be utilized to heal and uplift."

-A. Koko Santos

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