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A. Koko Santos
//Artist Statement//

 I want more than to burn the midnight oil, I want to ignite and inspire the spirit that is within me to shine and become all that it was created to be. 

My mission as an artist is to utilize art at its purest form as an innate language to express and link conscious and subconscious communication with spirit and human experiences and complexities through a visual form.  As an artist I am more about sharing and exposing myself in a vulnerable state, offering my talents as a service to the community rather than selling myself  in terms of technique, material, or a mundane label.  Art for me has always been therapeutic and it is my life mission to reach out in a communal and holistic approach to help people of all ages and demographics find their own unique voice through aesthetic experiences and education.  My mission is to use art as a healing method to connect with other people and inspire them to go deeper within and reflect their own strengths and weaknesses, angels and demons, in a way that can only be beautiful through the expression itself, manifesting and coming through.  Through this language we can find truth from a deep inner awareness that is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative, it just is who we are, where we are, and what we’ve become to create and be created by spirit within.  Good art is not that which can be replicated or that is necessarily realistic visually, it is that that can be felt.  Art as a language can show us our true selves and reflect all that is and all that can be.  Art is such a powerful tool for self-reflection and self-awareness, and I intend to continue to grow through my triumphs and pains in life through this altered state of being in the creative flow of life.
The purpose of my life as an artist is to transcend and evolve through human experiences and levels of existence blossoming through the seed of creativity itself.  Moving beyond what can be subjective matter or a finished outcome or piece, and more into the state of exponential and experimental experiences.  Experiencing all that is and all that ever was, through childlike experiences of being present in a playful way free of cynicism and judgment.  I feel like my work is never complete because a piece of my soul is reflected through the creative experience itself and I believe our spirits are infinite.  I don't want my work to be done,  rather a continuum of being and presenting my self through this form of communication and reflective state.  I intend for my work to  live and be alive emanating soul talk and multi dimensional communication.
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