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SANTA MONICA COLLEGE NEWSPAPER, "Terrorism and Safety in School"

September 2001


ELLE GIRL MAGAZINE, "Those Who Dare to be Different"

October 2003


PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION L.A., "Journey into the Cosmos"

July 2004



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KXLU 88.9, "Belmont and the importance of community and history"

September 2004


CITY OF L.A. MUNICIPAL COURT, "META Housing Corp. vs. The People"

September 2004



September 2004



WITHIN The Urban Woman Experience

Art Exhibition, Performance, and Workshops Crash Mansion Gallery LA 1024 s. Grand Ave. Los Angeles CA 90024

Art Reception 4p.m.-8p.m. ALL AGES $7 @ the door

RSVP by Friday October 12, 2007 by 3pm free with RSVP before 5pm $5 after (timoione@gmail.com) for more info www.myspace.com/chaos_theory_prod


Through such committed, talented, and diverse group of young upcoming and established artists, we bring you an eclectic and mind blowing evening full of femininity, ingenuity, and beauty. We promise you, this will be an unforgettable evening. Thus, prepare to immerse yourselves.

We are a diverse group of Artists, with talent in various mediums with a mission to compose an art and performance exhibit accompanied by six workshops that highlight our talents in a fun, creative and imagina- tive atmosphere. “WITHIN” will allow us artists to communicate to our guests our perspectives on our urban life. However, it will reflect the perspectives of others as well. By selecting artists of diverse disciplines and status, this will prove to be an evening of explosive proportions, where the public will have a glimpse into the new direction women, our youth, and professional art culture are heading today. Our event will be an opportunity to show the public what is possible if people choose to express themselves and thus challenge the youth and everyone else to find out what is within. It will be an eye opening experience for young female artists growing up in the city, where at times, might not seem that it has much to offer.


We are highlighting female Graffiti Writers like Jeyd, Toofly, Jroz, and Omega, Fine artists like Alfie Numer- ic, Victoria Delgadillo, and photographer Maria Moctezuma. Fashion Designers like Araceli Silva, Orquidia Violeta, and Freedom’s Elegy. We have DJs Lisa J and Dj Suprema One spinning the best of Funk, Soul, Old School, Hip Hop, and House Music, MCs like Fawksie one, Nite N Dae, and Shorty Loka, Poets like Xaris, and acoustic music performers like Santa Cecilia, and a band of young woman The Siren’s.

As artists we not only want to expose what is within our creative self, we want to share it with the next gen- eration. On Sunday October 21, 2007 from 12 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. we will be conducting six free workshops for the community. We invite everyone to come and enjoy a workshop of their choice. Workshops consist of basic Deejaying with Lisa J, Fine art with Mimi Bogale, Photography Collage, Graffiti, Poetry by amazing poet Ga- briela Garcia Medina, and Permaculture. The Workshops will take place at The Projecto Jardin Garden 1718 Bridge St. in Boyle Heights behind White Memorial Hospital.


This event is made possible thanks to: Department of Cultural Affairs, Timoi, Utrecht Art Supplies, Sticky Rick’s, AnitaRocks Ent., Missbehave Magazine, SiTV, MAMA Clothing, JB Wagoner, JusLive, Bana, Con- crete Ind., Nynes Crew Queen’s, and all our supporters.

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