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Community & Volunteer Work

At a very young age, I became interested in being of service to my community and stand up for social justice.  I remember growing up in Los Angeles feeling so much empathy for the homeless population and thinking to myself that one day I would help make the world a better place. And now as an adult I feel it is my life calling to help people in whatever ways and means I can.

My Denver Youth Program

Denver Parks & Rec.

Denver, CO


Specialized Rec. Instructor working with youth citywide.  My Denver, is a City of  Denver Mayor endorsed program for the youth of Denver. Duties include traveling to different sites citywide, curriculum development, promotion, teaching and community outreach with an emphasis on art, drama, dance, culture and community.

Opio Haiku Mo’olelo

Kapolei Juvenile Corrections Facility

Kapolei, HI


Free Writing Workshop with incarcerated juvenile adolescence

Kuhio Elementary School
Honolulu, HI

Volunteer Youth workshops

Kindergarten art wk shop and Reading Aloud After-school Program with Native Hawaiian Youth


(Student Parents at Manoa)

University of Hawaii at Manoa, 

Honolulu, HI

Community organizing, workshops, promotions

Venice Paint Out

City & County of Los Angeles

ICU ART In Creative Unity

Venice Beach, CA

Youth project coordinator.  Duties included painting City of Los Angeles trash cans, later placed throughout the neighborhood and mural art workshop with the youth.  Annual event with food and entertainment.  In charge of sign up sheet, supplies and teaching workshops.

Sol Festival

Griffith Park
Los Angeles, CA

Art Workshops and face painting

New Moon Festival

 East Los Angeles. CA

Art Workshops

Absolute Vodka

Annual Chalk Festival

Pasadena, CA

Children Sidewalk Chalk paintings Coordinator

Community Collaborative Mural

Santa Monica High School

Santa Monica CA

High school mural project with Zender.  Tenth through twelfth grade students were challenged to collaborate and develop mural with a theme from the ground up.  From developing the theme to sketching, prepping, to painting on the wall.  My job was to assist and guide the students through the process with inspiration.

Brentwood Art Center

Brentwood, CA

Art supply donation for children.

Belmont Train Yard

Downtown Los Angeles. CA

Fought to preserve a historic landmark for the city and artists of Los Angeles.  Worked with Belmont High students on rallying and protesting the destruction for construction of luxury style apartments.  Organized community with the youth through discussions, picket sign making, after school meetings and distributing flyers throughout the neighborhood.  Also petitioned city wide and attended public hearings at the court house.  At the public hearing in downtown Los Angeles I gave a speech in front of officials and was interviewed by KXLU Public Radio.


Flagstaff AZ


Art Workshops with special needs adults and donated art supplies to facility


Grant Writing Workshops

Art/Theatre for Social Change Seminar

Knowledge and tools for grant writing proposals

Volunteer Reiki Healing Sessions for community 

Homeless Food Security

501C Fundraising & Board of Directors Member

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